Novelist. Short Story-ist. Film enthusiast. Book enthusiast. Purveyor of sarcasm and dark humour. And somehow, he escaped…

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Cinema Articles


A guide through notable remakes in cinema history: the good, the bad, and the on par.

How I would have tackled the pivotal moment in George Lucas’s third prequel.

Credit: Lucasfilm

Difficult to craft but brilliant when well-written

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My version of Episodes I, II, and III.

Credit: Lucasfilm

An alternative treatment

A former publisher and his subordinate form an unlikely friendship whilst working for a herbal remedy company.

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My favourite wide angle, cut, dissolve, close-up, and more.

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Favourite Opening Shot: Star Wars (1977)

Writing books that empower children but alarm adults isn’t necessarily a bad thing

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Brian De Palma’s massively underrated gangster thriller deserves rediscovery.

Credit: Universal

Simon Dillon

Novelist and Short Story-ist. Film and Book Lover. If you cut me, I bleed celluloid and paper pulp. Blog:

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