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If you’re reading this, it’s already too late. To click on this page is to open Pandora’s Box. So why not satisfy your curiosity, and chew on a mouthful of my Medium articles? I submit these to a variety of publications, including Fictions, Fan Fare, Frame Rated, and The Writing…

Cooper Hoffman and Alan Haim wrestle with an awkward age gap in PT Anderson’s unlikely, offbeat, brilliant coming-of-age romance.

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There is a lot of running in Licorice Pizza. Said running acts as an energetic, exhilarating recurring motif, whether its central characters are running in a comedic or bonding moment, running to find one another amid melancholy heartache, or running to post flyers for fledgeling business ventures. I’ll come back…

How I managed to juggle the rat race and literary ambitions

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In August 2020, I took voluntary redundancy from a staff job I’d had in television for over twenty years. It was a difficult decision, made in an exceptionally tough set of circumstances, complicated by a global pandemic. Nonetheless, it was the right time to leave for all sorts of reasons…

One of Olivia Colman’s best-ever performances is the jewel in the crown of Maggie Gyllenhaal’s complex psychological drama.

Credit: Netflix

Olivia Colman excels in Maggie Gyllenhaal’s superb psychological drama The Lost Daughter. Her complex performance ranks among her finest; a shining gem at the centre of this ruthlessly honest, humane exploration of a subject likely to jab a few raw nerves.

Colman plays Leda, a linguistics professor taking a “working…

Spoiling the endings of these gripping thrillers should be a criminal offence.

Knives Out (2019). Credit: Lionsgate

Who doesn’t enjoy a great whodunnit? Even when you know the identity of the killer, the films I’ve selected for this article bear repeat viewings. That said, if you’ve not seen any of these, you’re in for a compelling treat. Just don’t let anyone spoil them for you.

When it…

The Authentic Eclectic

The final piece in the puzzle of a well-told story is the audience.

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I’ve had a number of questions requesting clarification on plot points in my fantasy novella Bloodmire (recently serialised in Fictions). Encouraged by positive response and engagement with this story, I originally intended this article to be a breakdown of all seven parts, in which I would expound on narrative clues…

Jessica Chastain leads a female spy ensemble to track down an all-powerful tech weapon in this decidedly less than all-powerful thriller.

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Another day, another tissue-thin algorithm-of-ultimate-power spy thriller. That’s not to say Simon Kinberg’s female-driven actioner The 355 is entirely without entertainment value, but it is superficial and painfully predictable, not to mention irritatingly illogical. Suspension of disbelief is always required for a film of this kind, but The 355 makes…


A knight enters a mysterious uncharted forest in search of his betrothed, ignoring all warnings about those who entered and never returned.

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Previous Parts:

Part One: A Knight’s Quest

Part Two: The Snare

Part Three: The Monk and the Witch

Part Four: Covens and Curses

Part Five: Fortress of Souls

Part Six: The Heart of the Forest

Part Seven: The Beast

For three full seconds, William stared in disbelief. Robert’s hand closed over the locket, and he placed…

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