Simon Dillon: Where Did He Come From, and Can We Put Him Back?

Novelist. Short Story-ist. Film enthusiast. Book enthusiast. Purveyor of sarcasm and dark humour. And somehow, he escaped…

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If you’re reading this, it’s already too late. To click on this page is to open Pandora’s Box. So why not satisfy your curiosity, and chew on a mouthful of my Medium articles? I submit these to a variety of publications, including Illumination, The Writing Cooperative, Frame Rated, Fan Fare, and Cinemania. I also have my own publication, Simon Dillon Cinema, where I publish my film reviews (the only articles not listed here, but follow the link for more).

Cinema Articles

The Science of Avoiding Disruptive Cinema Audiences

Monochrome Madness

Where Eagles Dare: A Rattling Good Yarn

What Constitutes a Cult Film?

My Dark Knight of the Soul

My Favourite Jump Scares

Dr Strangelove versus Kind Hearts and Coronets

Captain America: Civil War: 5 Years On

Midnight Run: Charles Grodin’s Best Film

Seven Times Steven Spielberg Changed Cinema


Everything Wrong with the Worst Scene in Revenge of the Sith

How I’d Have Written the Star Wars Prequels

Westerns: Social Commentary Disguised as Frontier Mythology

Twelve Classic Shots and Transitions

Carlito’s Way: A Neglected Gem

David Lean’s Great Expectations: One of the Greatest Films Ever Made

How Many ‘Best Picture’ Academy Award Winners Deserved to Win?

Will There Ever Be a Great Film of Dune?

The Innocents: 60 Years On

Happy Birthday to Six Classic Thrillers from 1971

Resurrection Cinema

Curate Don’t Cancel

Transgressive Female Characters During the Hays Code Era

Coma: Nail-Biting and Resonant

Raiders of the Lost Ark: 40 Years On

Ripley: Best “Final Girl” Ever

My Favourite Films of 1991: 30 Years On

Why Are Horror Films Scarier at Home?

Why the Book Isn’t Always Better than the Film

Ten Great Marriages in Film

Black History Month: Boyz n the Hood 30 Years On

Black History Month: Top Five Black Horror Films

An Extended Look at Extended Editions

How Doctor Zhivago Helped Shape My Political Views

Witness: My Flirtation with Pacifism

The Real Reason Some Star Wars Fans Hated The Last Jedi

Stop Saying Home Cinema Systems Are As Good As Real Cinemas

Writing Articles

Be a Storyteller not a Preacher

Asset-Strip Your Failed Manuscripts

When to Write Ambiguous Endings

Writing Major Plot Twists

Why the Best Tragedies Are Funny

Being Formulaic Isn’t the Same as Being Predictable

When the Voices in My Head Went Quiet

Writing Unsympathetic Protagonists

How and Why to Write Gothic Mysteries

Are You Genre Promiscuous?

Not Suitable for Grown-ups?

Ironic Character Arcs

What Four Fantasy Novel Antagonists Tell Us About Their Authors

Novel Chapters

Spectre of Springwell Forest Chapter One

Spectre of Springwell Forest Chapter Two

Spectre of Springwell Forest Chapter Three

Spectre of Springwell Forest Chapter Four

Spectre of Springwell Forest Chapter Five

Spectre of Springwell Forest Chapter Six

Peaceful Quiet Lives Chapter One

Peaceful Quiet Lives Chapter Two

Peaceful Quiet Lives Chapter Three

Peaceful Quiet Lives Chapter Four

Peaceful Quiet Lives Chapter Five

Peaceful Quiet Lives Chapter Six

Short Stories

Call the Number On Your Screen

Trial Period

Regression Part 1 of 4

Regression Part 2 of 4

Regression Part 3 of 4

Regression Part 4 of 4

Love and Other Punishments Part 1 of 4

Love and Other Punishments Part 2 of 4

Love and Other Punishments Part 3 of 4

Love and Other Punishments Part 4 of 4

Spinner Part 1 of 4

Spinner Part 2 of 4

Spinner Part 3 of 4

Spinner Part 4 of 4

If all that fails to satisfy your curiosity, by all means delve deeper into the darkness of the Dreaded Dillon by checking out my novels, film reviews, podcast, and other book articles.

I take no responsibility for any Dillon-related event horizons from which you find yourselves unable to escape. You have been warned.

Novelist and Short Story-ist. Film and Book Lover. If you cut me, I bleed celluloid and paper pulp. Blog:

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