Simon Dillon: Where Did He Come From, and Can We Put Him Back?

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Simon Dillon
14 min readFeb 15, 2021


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If you’re reading this, it’s already too late. To click on this page is to open Pandora’s Box. So why not satisfy your curiosity, and chew on a mouthful of my Medium articles? I submit these to a variety of publications, including Fictions, Fanfare, Frame Rated, and The Writing Cooperative. I also have my own publication, Simon Dillon Cinema, where I review new cinema releases (the only articles not listed here, but follow the link for more).

For interviews with yours truly, click here for one conducted by Justin Cox of The Writing Cooperative, and click here for one conducted by Ben Human from The Pro Files.


Cinema Articles (by far the largest list, so you’ll need to scroll a fair bit to get to the others)
Writing Articles (mostly writing experience and advice)
Literature Articles (appreciation of various novels and short stories)
Music Articles (almost entirely centred on film soundtracks)
Short Stories, Novellas, Novel Chapters (samples of my fiction writing) Television Articles (I don’t generally review TV, but have on occasion)
Faith and Christianity (I don’t usually talk directly about my faith, but have a couple of times, often in relation to films)
Miscellaneous (mostly rants on various topics)
Dillon Picks, Dillon Recommends, Dillon Detours (recommendations for writing on Medium other than my own)

Cinema Articles

The Silence of the Lambs and Se7en: My Son’s First Viewing

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