Novelist. Short Story-ist. Film enthusiast. Book enthusiast. Purveyor of sarcasm and dark humour. And somehow, he escaped…

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Cinema Articles

How to minimise the likelihood of cinema rage.

Credit: Warner Brothers

This determinedly feel-good musical will find a large and appreciative audience, but it fell flat for me.

Credit: Warner Brothers

Despite an abundance of cliche, this fact-based against-the-odds equine underdog tale delivers on the feel-good front.

Credit: Warner Brothers

Action fans will enjoy this nonsense. For anyone else, it’ll probably get right on your John Wick.

Credit: Universal

Why I’ve had enough of black and white alternative versions.

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Riz Ahmed’s stunning, Oscar-nominated performance is best experienced on the big screen, where the film’s innovative sound design can also be properly appreciated.

Credit: Amazon Studios

One of my late father’s favourite films; just as good now as the twentieth time I watched it.

Credit: MGM

This first-rate animated fantasy adventure needs to be seen in the cinema.

Credit: Disney

The slippery notion of cult status and how it can be outgrown.

Credit: Warner Brothers

Simon Dillon

Novelist and Short Story-ist. Film and Book Lover. If you cut me, I bleed celluloid and paper pulp. Blog:

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